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Dublin Zoo

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Today we visited Dublin Zoo, and we were all looking forward to seeing an elephant. The zoo was pretty much deserted, except for about 15 people sketching (we think an art class must have been there), because its winter and we got there about 5 minutes after it had opened. That was a good thing though, because there was no one to get in the way of looking at the animals. Also, a lot of the animals were still in their night area and Dublin was like London, where they had windows to look into those areas and you can see them much closer up than normal.

We liked Dublin zoo better than London. There were more of the big animals you want to see like Jaguars, Rhinos, Lions, Gorillas (which included a baby that Jess thought was so cute, and we watched these for at least 10 or more minutes. They behaved just like a family with a young gorilla pushing the baby out of his area and taking away the things he was playing with.) and of course Elephants!

There was a baby elephant too.

We liked the elephants so much that we brought one home with us. His name is Colin, and we've become best friends already.


After the zoo we went and had lunch and a big restaraunt called Supermac, which seems to be cross between MacDonalds, KFC, Subway and an Ice-Cream shop. Then we passed some time at an internet cafe, before catching our bus to the airport for our flight back to England.

Thursday will be spent probably relaxing at home. Friday Matt is going to play golf with Uncle Del, and thats as far ahead as we've planned so far.

For your interest, here are some photos: the first is of Belle the rottweiler


The next, for those who wanted to see, is Jessie's new hair cut.


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What a great day at Dublin Zoo - I can truly say I wish I was there! Belle is a beautiful dog! Colin looks like a great new friend. Jessie's haircut makes her look as gorgeous as ever. And Bianca's eyes popped out of her head momentarily at the sound of that Supermac!

by bevmaxwell

WEll hello. I haven't been reading your things which is no good and looks like i've missed out on alot! so i'll have to catch up on my reading tomorrow! seeing as i have finished my last exam today!!! 8 weeks holidays!!!!
anyway it's mostly mum's fault i haven't been reading cos she banned me from the internet.
hope you're having a good time! makes sure you bring me back an expensive gift from every place you visit.
guess what my i-pod had a meltdown. a literal one.

by bevmaxwell

that was actually from bianca... i dont know why it says bev maxwell!

by bevmaxwell

I had an elephant once. His name was Stampy.You could use that for Colin's middle name. I had a lobster called Pinky too but we don't talk about him anymore. (wink wink)

by Homer J

Great haircut.Belle looks like a nice passive dog. Has Flapper come down the stairs yet?

by feezpops

Welcome to Colin XX

by feezpops

Be careful how you treat Colin, Flap - elephants never forget, you know!
Great cut, Jess!

by sueappleto

Flap I’m back. Once I had decided that the humans didn’t have a clue in Italy I was outta there. Swanning (dolphining) around the Mediterranean playing with our northern warm watered cousins until I got bored. Now that I’m back I see the humans have picked up an interloper? Whats the go with that? Have you not been keeping them humoured enough that they have to get a dumb elephant (they don’t remember at all) to do party tricks? I’d try and loose the 4 legged interloper at the first opportunity. Tell the female her new hair do looks good. Flap, if they start the “oh no, we’re lost” again caper, loose em for the day and have your own fun. Watch out for that dog, they can hear you talking.

by PeterCo

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