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sunny 8 °C

Today was sightseeing in Paris, slightly hampered by q trAin strike. Some were still running but it Was still Another day of al,ost non stop walking (for matt and jess not me of course).

We started with the louvre, which was interesting but huge and even for dolphins like me who arent particularly interested in art, it still took up a good three hours. Some of the most interesting things to see were the ornAte ceilings in the rooms. We saw the Mona Lisa of course from q distqnce surrounded by at least thirty other people corwding to take a look. They were letting us tqke photos of it too, which we thought you werent allowed to do.

We then walked from the Louvre into the pqrk for lunch, then up the Champs Elysèe, and over to the Eiffel Tower. Matt wanted to take the stairs up, for which the line wasnt very long, and since Jess is afraid of heights and the line for the lifts was long and Jess has already been up, she decided to wait at the bottom while Mqtt went up the stqirs. Meanwhile she had a crèpe with chocolate. Matt guessed there would be 724 steps, while I guessed 694 qnd I was right of course. Matt was a bit scared on the elevator that went up to the very top but I thought it was great.

It was the ordeal of getting home again and finding a metro that was running. When we finally got on a train so did about a ,illion other people and for about 40 minutes we were like the proverbial sardines. I much prefer the real sardines. It was crazy the a,ount of people trying to still get on at every station even thought there was clearly no ,ore room. And we had to fight our way off at our stop.

Since we got in the ,ain sights today we have decided to visit Disneyland to,orrow, so hopefully there are no problems with the trains

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Travelling and Frank Spencer

rain 6 °C

Well first of all folks i must apologise for my lack of blogging yesterday. We tried to use the internet at our new hostel in France but the keybnoard didnt work. Also i ,ust apologise for any spelling ,istakes that i do whilst typing on this really weird keyboard.

Well today was ,qinly ,qde up of trqvezlling fro, Frqnkfurt to Paris. It was a ' hour trip and the ti,e qctuqlly aent really quickly. I have decided not to edit too ,any of ,y ,istqkes so u can realise just how hqrd it is to chqnge keyboards: You ,ight even be able to reqlise what keys have been swapped.

So we got to our new hostel and it see,ed fairly nice; although the people dont seem overly friendly: We went qnd checked out our room qnd it is auite nice; qlthough it has the s,allest shower ever; Thqt is where the Frqnk Spoencer part of the story co,es in: Matt tried to hqve q shower last night and he almost flooded the plqce. The shower has no place to hold the head so u have to hold it by yourself whilst you shower. Matt being the a,ateur at anything wterised (unlike us dolphin types) he ended up squrting it all over the wallq and onto the floor; It started running out of the bqthroom and into the bedroom area; And we all know Matt likes to have quite long showers; so this went on for ten ,inutes or so until jess realised that water was flowing out of the bathroom: We ,qnqged to sop most of it up but i suggested ripping up the lino and replacing it with the lino from under the cupboqrd; but Mqtt said that wouldnt be very good idea and that if i did then i could go in the corner and go out in the ,orning;

Then we had to try and cook tea in a kitchen where nothing worked; now thats hard work i tell ya.

So that was it for today; tomorrow is sight seeing qround Pqris

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...and some exciting news.

sunny 6 °C

Today was just the train trip to Frankfurt while we are the way to Paris, as it was much more appealing to have two 4 hour trips rather than one 8 hour one. The trip was uneventful, and we were seated next to a nice quiet nun - much better than the noisy people we usually seem to find ourselves by. So Jess and I napped while Matt enjoyed a solid four hours of Harry.

We are staying in a budget hotel in Frankfurt as it isn't a big backpacker place, so our room is nice with our own ensuite and TV (though it smells of smoke but doesn't everything in Europe!)

After we checked in Matt and Jess thought it would be a good idea to make the reservation for the train to Paris tomorrow, to get in early remembering my advice. The woman at the ticket window however, after typing in a few things on her computer informed us that everything was booked up. We questioned her a bit but she just smiled and said no, so Matt and Jess went away a bit confused and in a bit of a panic because all their accommodation is already booked and this would throw their plans out of order. I told them to stay calm (Doplhins always have level heads in difficult situations) and advised them to get back in line and find out about trains the day after as accommodation can always be changed.

After breif confusion with another woman who couldn't speak English, we found ourselves with a very helpful man. It seems, in the five minutes we had been out of line everyone had cancelled their tickets on the train to Paris as there were somehow seats now.... we aren't quite sure what happened (even dolphins can't work out the strange breed of human that is the European train ticket seller) but we have our tickets to Paris tomorrow, and the reservation, though compulsory, is much cheaper than it was in Italy. So we had a relaxing afternoon of TV watching, napping and pizza for tea, and it's off to gay paris tomorrow.... that saying doesn't seem quite so sophisticated when it's typed but you get the picture. And now I'll hand over to Jess for the most exciting news of the day....

Thanks, Flapper :) Well, it started on Thursday night last week, which was Friday morning in Australia, when my phone rang three times during the night. I didn't answer it as it costs me money, but then last night it rang again. I decided I would answer it this time, for a good reason. And turns out it was a good idea to answer it _ I found myself speaking to the principal of the school at Bordertown, and he was offering me a job! And of course I took it! So I am employed at last!

At least I think I am employed at Bordertown, as when you are suddenly woken in the middle of the night you wake up the next morning wondering if he actually said Bordertown, or maybe he said Blanchetown or Broken Hill.... or maybe I just dreamed the whole thing... but no it actually happened. And it was the best possible outcome, other than getting a job at Keith itself. So now I can look forward to next year, and moving, and having a real job like it's actually happening which I haven't been able to up until now.

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone's well. We're enjoying ourselves of course, and looking forward to what is still to come, but Matt and I being homey sort of people we are looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone we miss aswell.

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Soccer and snow


Some pictures of the snow at the soccer. Hope they turn out alright.

1_1194813610826_Soccer and snow.jpg

2_1194813622935_Snow on field.jpg

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Relaxation and more snow

snow 3 °C

Well today was planned to be a day to go and investigate the Reichstag, the German parliament that was famously burnt down when Hitler came to power, however due to the amount of snow about we decided to settle for the market and another look at checkpoint Charlie.

We woke up to snow falling outside our window, and on closer inspection saw that it had been snowing for quite a bit of the night because all the trees and the cars had a layer of snow over them. I tried to go out swimming in it, but (as they told me afterwards) it is not possible to swim in snow like it is in water. So then it was off to the flea markets, the humans were still trying to find some cards and after there unsuccessful attempt last week in Bern they actually bought a set of proper playing cards. About time i say, now i can start winning some money off them, deal out the cards, deal out the cards.

Then it was off to Checkpoint Charlie and the remaining part of the Berlin Wall. They have information boards written along the wall and down in the old bunkers. We visited these on our free walk but didnt get a chance to read the full story. On our way however we spotted (well i did, out my peek hole in the backpack) a giant snow slope that people were riding rubber tubes down. Expecting it cost a lot we sauntered over to find that it was only 1.5 euros. So on they jumped, apparently puppet dolphins arent allowed. I had a lengthy discussion with the ticket seller, but he wouldnt let me. ( snuck up though when they werent watching). So matt and jess got to ride down the big slope on the tubes, it was heaps of fun. They got it on film so you guys can all laugh at them spinning around.

It was so wet and cold and even after it stopped snowing, all along the roads was very sludgy, and Jess maanged to get her feet thoroughly soaked with water, and i think maybe her toes started to seize up. I was smart enough to remain in the backpack all day, just keeping an eye on happenings through my peephole that i have made for myself.

Jess bought some pastries on the way home that were advertised as 4 for a euro. We found out as we ate them why they were so cheap, they must have been at least 2, if not 3, days old. Well its chicken for tea tonight and then travelling to Frankfurt tomorrow on our way to Paris.

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Soccer and Snow

snow 3 °C

We started the day in a leisurely way, due to tiredness from the hours of walking done on the previous days. We got some washing done too, which although I don#t wear clothes anyway, it still benefitted me as Matt and Jess were getting a bit stinky.

We left to get to the soccer at about 1pm, and it was much easier to find our way there today than last time - a little bit of running around to find the right shop to buy the ticket yesterday - but the from the station we just followed the path and the crowds straight up to the gate of the stadium. You would describe it as imposing and serious, rather than pretty to look at from the outside.

As we sat inside the stadium waiting for the game to start, we thought it had started raining but when bits of what at first looked like white fluff blew over us from the opening between the top of the stadium and the roof we suspected it might be snow! We were right! Over the next half an hour or so, it got heavier and started to cover the field in a white layer. Jess was particularly excited to see snow falling for the first time, and so was I. The excitement was slightly dampened by how freezing we were throughout the game, but only slightly.

We were worried as it drew to the last few minutes of the game that we were going to be destined to only see games where no one scored goals - finally Hertha (the Berlin team) scored - after the false hope of scoring one but being offside. So the game ended 1-0 to Hertha BSC. If I was down there playing for them they would have had one the high scoring games they kept flashing onto the screen to tease us that we seem to always be at the wrong games.

So all in all it was an exciting day of soccer and snow.

Depending on the weather, we are going to go across the road to another flea market tomorrow ( not getting my hopes up for fleas) and we will maybe hire bikes and go to look more closely at checkpoint charlie.

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Lego Land and Jewish Museum

rain 7 °C

Well another big day in the city of Berlin for Matt, Jess and Flap. It was off to a place called legoland first, where everything is made of lego. It is such a cool place. There is a huge giraffe outside, that is about 7 or 8 meters in height. The place is divided into five different sections. Theres the spooky land, jungle land, miniature land, movie land and the racing land, oh and Matt wants to include a sixth land, Harry Potter land.

We started off with the racing land, this was section where you were able to make your own lego cars and then race them against other people on the big dowhill slope that they have there. No doubt you would of guessed by now that my car was easily the fastest and i beat everyone else, even little punk kids who kept getting in the way. The jungle land is made of all lego trees and animals, i got some good photos of me with some dangerous creatures, i had a few very close escapes. Unforutnately there were no dolphins, but there was a pond with some lego frogs in, so i jumped in for a quick swim. Then theres was miniature land, that was a miniature version of all berlin and all its buildings, made entirely of lego. Then spooky land which was a ride a bit like the ghost train, except through lego figures, i wasnt scared at all, but i think i heard Jess scream once when she got squirted with water. Next was Harry Potter land, complete with Hogwarts, the forbidden forrest and of course, Harry. I played a few games of quidditch with Harry but i was too fast at getting the snitch first and he sooked off.

The final part of lego land was a 4-d movie, this involved winds, water and heat being thrown around the theatre during the lego movie, it was lots of fun.

Then it was off to the Jewish museum, this is a museum which has been built to honour the numerous jewish people who lost their lives during the war. It goes right back to ancient times too, and discusses the history of jews through the ages. It was quite interesting, although it was mainly art and photos and i got a bit bored, im more the adventure type. I did see a lady fall down some stairs though so that was quite funny, dont worry, she is ok.

It has rained for most of the day and we got fairly wet on the way home. All rugged up now and eating peanut m and ms. Well the humans are, they reckon dolphins arent allowed to eat chocolate, sounds like a stupid rule to me. Its off to the soccer tomorrow, Hertha Berlin v Hannover, we got tickets for under 10 euros, including the transport to the game, if only they had that in Aus.

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Brandenburg gate.

Me at Brandenburg gate. The square was blocked off though because the king of saudi arabia was in town.
1_1194599409696_B gate.jpg

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Berlin Day 1

semi-overcast 10 °C

Berlin, the home of budget supermarkets. The home of a lot else as well, but we are overjoyed to find (at last) some cheap supermarkets to buy food at, and these are even cheaper than Australia.

Well on to the other things Berlin is home of. We went on the walking tour today - well Matt and Jess walked (just about non stop from the time they left the hostel at 10am, found it took longer than they thought to walk into the centre of the city so went on the later tour and got home eventually at about 6.30pm) Fortunately I didn't need to do as much exercise from my comfortable backpack.

Our tour guide was a swedish japanese woman who has been an extra in Mission Impossible. She took us around all the main sights of Berlin with an entertaining and informative commentary. We started at the Brandenburg gate, and she told us about how the statue on the top of the woman and the four horses was removed by Napoleon, and evetually brought back. We walked through the 'memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe'. We had seen this from a distance on the way to the tour, and it had just looked like a maze of cement blocks all about waist height. On closer investigation we found it was all in straight rows and columns and when you got into it the blocks got taller and taller and were above you and you could lose yourself and other people in it, and run into people who suddenly appeared around the corners.

We then went to a carpark. You may ask why a carpark, but we found we were standing over Hitlers bunker. (Well what was his bunker as it is filled in now.) It is minimally signposted to discourage any sort of Nazi supporters getting silly ideas about making it a memorial.

We also visited the Reichstag (only the outside - we plan to visit the inside later and climb up the dome which Jess desperately hopes is not a glass walkway or she doesn't think she will make it), Checkpoint Charlie, though a rebuilt one with little genuine left, a chocolate shop with giant chocolate sculptures in the window, Gendarmer Markt with almost identical Catholic and Protestant churches facing eachother, Bebel Platz infront of the university where they burned the books, and the simple memorial of empty bookshelves which you look down on from the ground of the plaza through glass, and the still standing parts of the wall, and heard stories about the fascinating history of Berlin, the fall and rise and fall of their economy, of their leadership and the stories of escape and escape attempts while the wall was up. (didn't involve many dolphins, but I'm sure they would have been helping people cross from East to West if they possibly could have.)

The finale of the tour was the story of the fall of the Berlin wall, which it was interesting to here about how it really happened by accident when the man speaking at the press conference didn't really know what he was talking about. The people crossed from East to West Berlin saying 'We are the people', as the culmination of ever growing demonstrations, and it really was the people (and any dolphins present) who brought the wall down. We are here on the eve of the fall of the wall, which happened on the 9th of November 1989.

It is amazing to think that this happened less than 20 years ago. We want to find the news and tv footage from that time now as it would really interesting to see (Matt and Jess being only three at the time and not having any memory of it). Jess is learning a lot for when she teaches history in the future, and has been trying to film some things to show to her classes but finds she isn't the greatest camera person...

Berlin is a fascinating city with art, and history everywhere alongside the modern.

Tomorrow we are going to the Jewish Museum, Lego land and buying tickets for the soccer which is on Saturday afternoon. We will also probably revisit some of the sights we saw on the tour for a closer look.

Matt is happy watching soccer on TV at the moment as both nights so far they have had it on the bid screen TV here at the hostel.

Hope everyone is well. Jess promises she will email some photos from her phone to the blog soon (as most places don't let you use the computers for anything more than internet so we can't upload them yet.)

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rain 6 °C

Well its Flapper back here again to inform you of totally boring day we had today. We had a 6 hour train ride from Munchen to Berlin. Left at about 11 this this morning and got here to our new residence at about 6pm (after catching further trains and buses). I slept for most of the trip, snuggled deep down in the backpack, cause its so freezing here. It rained for most of the journey too.

Matt and Jess both started feeling a little nauseiated due to the speed and swaying train. They have tucked into some chinese for tea though and they are feeling much better. Jess is practically over her cold now which is good.

Last night they headed out to the Hofbrauhaus (a famous german beer hall) with their friends they had met on the tour that day. It was a good experience although the food was rather small and expensive. They had a really nice waiter, bit when they left he gave them evil glares because they hadnt tipped them (stingy humans, you dont do that in dolphin circles and get away with it. Then afterwards it was out for icecream and then back to the hotel for some cards.

Me on the other hand, well i was left in the hotel room, apparently a beer hall is no place for a dolphin, well thats what they told me. What do you guys think?

The new hostel isnt as nice, and no tv so matt isnt happy. Tomorrow they are taking guided walking tour of Berlin.

They send their love.

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rain 7 °C
View Jess and Matt's Europe Trip on Jessie M's travel map.

Flapper has handed the reigns of the blog over to me tonight, thinking that humans might be in a better position to talk about human suffering than a dolphin, when talking about a place such as Dachau.

First of all though, we happened by chance across a brochure in the morning that told us about a tour starting at 10.10 from the main train station across the road from where we are that was cheaper than the one we had been planning to go on, so on the way out the door changed our plans. Waiting at the allotted meeting place, along with a few other people we started talking to also waiting for the tour (some from our hostel), we discovered from another tour operator nearby that our guide had only been seen once in the last week. By the time it was about 20 past 10 we concluded he wasn´t coming today either so together we rushed to Marienplatz just in time to catch the tour starting from their at 10.30.

Our guide was from London but living in Germany for the past twenty years, and one of those typical guide types who has the knack of making everything he says sound infinitely interesting and entertaining.

Arriving at Dachau we started at the entrance on the stones where the prisoners got off the train and entered the gates, with words ´Arbeit Macht Frei' (Work Makes you Free). Dachau was one of the first things Hitler did when he came into power and I believe the only concentration camp used for the entire period until the end of the war.

It was first used for political prisoners and other parties, including all the religious people, who voiced opposition to the rule of Hitler and his party.

For some time after the war, it was used as a refugee camp but when the old prisoners of the camp saw the way it was being used they eventually got it turned into a memorial in the 60's or later. In the process the original barracks were torn down, and now reconstructions of two barracks and the foundations of the rest of them give you and idea of what it would have looked like. There are some original buildings however, such as the watch towers on the perimeter.

The large sqaure infront of the barracks, is one of the most provoking (or was for me) sights however. This is where the prisoners were made to do roll call twice a day. They had to stand there in their inadequate clothing, no matter the weather, feet together, arms by the sides and eyes directed to the ground. For punishment they were sometimes made to stand this way for hours - one instance lasting from 6pm one day until 2pm the next afternoon. As I stood there in my scarf and ski jacket, still freezing, I don't think I would have been one of the prisoners able to survive that place.

As time went on the conditions worsened as the camp was overcrowded and things like sleeping conditions went from separate beds and ample living space, to thousands crammed into three teired platforms in barracks designed for just 200.

The crematorium and gas chambers out the back were disturbing too - though not quite as disturbing as the video and images we had seem from Auschwitz at the Einstein museum, as this gas chamber was never used for mass execution. The crematorium was however, and eventually in the mass overcrowding near the end of the war it was not enough for the amount of dead. The bodies were in piles, and the US troops who freed the prisoners were so horrified they made the people in the town of Dachau come and see so they knew what had been really going on under their noses.

It is quite unbelievable to us now how anyone can inflict the things they did on another human beings. But it shows you how much the people believed in what they were doing which is impossible to understand as well.

On a lighter note, we are going out for tea with the people we met on the tour to the Hofbrauhaus, a famous German Beer Hall here in Munich. And tomorrow it`s off to Berlin. Oh and it hailed a fair bit today too - the weather isn´t looking pleasant the next few days.

Flapper will be back to give you all the details of the up coming adventures.

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sunny 10 °C

First of all i must apolgise for the late publishing of my last post, i know you must have all been worried sick about what had happened to your precious little dolphin friend. I assure you that we are all ok. I had actually written the blog, but the stupid, expensive computers in bern would not allow me to publish it. But its there now so be sure to have a read.

Well today started off very early this moring. The bleeding humans woke me up at about 6am, probably along with the other two people on our dorm. We had a train to catch at 7:30 so we had to get going. They ate breakfast first apparently, although i knew nothing of it, i was forced to go and catch my own.

Our journey today took us from Bern to Zurich first, a trip of about an hour, then it was on to Munich (well it was meant to be). Halfway there our train decided that it didnt want to keep working, so we got stuck out in the middle of country Germany somewhere. We were there for about half hour and i was just starting to think that maybe i would have to go up the front and pull the train, when it was announced (in German, so i had to translate for the humans)that everything was good and we could keep going. Editor: A nice gentleman on the train kindly told us what the announcement said. Well moving on.....

So we arrived in Munich a little late, after about 6 hours on the train. Our new hostel is really nice and apparently we get breakfast here too. I hope they have kippers or sardies. We had a döner sandwich for lunch, that was quite nice, its like a yiros, except they put it in a bun instead.

Jess had a kip this afternoon, but she is feeling much better, and her cold is wearing off. We have a nice big room, and a tv as well, so Matt has been content wtahcing the snooker championships.

Tomorrow its off to Dachau concentration camp, so that should be an experience, an eye opening one if nothing else. When we were at the Einstein museum we saw a glimpse of what went on there and it was a little disturbing for Matt and Jess. They are looking forward to tomorrow, but with mixed feelings. If i had have been around when Hitler was i would have given him what for....... actually i think it was a dolphin who finished him off in the end......

Well thats it for today, keep the comments coming.

Matt and Jess send their love.

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Bern 2

overcast 12 °C

A quite day today, on account of Jess feeling a bit poorly. We went for a walk to a flea market to have a browse. Quite a good flea market, though not much of interest for a dolphin, but Matt and Jess seemed to enjoy it. I was dissapointed that there were no fleas. The only thing we bought was a pack of card because we forgot to bring any, but later we discovered they weren´t your regular deck of cards, but a pack of acorns, flowers, sheilds and balls, and no cards below 6.

We came back to the hostel, but on account of all the people smoking in the common room we went to McDonalds and bought some fries so we could sit in there and use their couches, tv and a playstation. I challenged Matt to a game of soccer on the playstation while Jess read a book on the couch.

Later on after lunch and a rest, we went for a walk to the bontanical gardens which was nice and peaceful (and smoke free) and used our strange pack of cards for a game of trumps. I won of course. On the way home again we crossed a low bridge over the river and I was released from the backpack long enough to get in a swim in the clear river. It was freezing though!!

Hamburgers for tea again, as they are the cheapest thing in the supermarket (and quite an expedition to find the supermarket open on a Sunday - located by keen eye spotting people coming from a certain direction with supermarket shopping bags).

Thats about it for today. Early night tonight since they are making me get out of bed a six tomorrow to catch the train to Munich via Zurich.

PS Matts cold is better, Jess wasn`t so good today but hopefully a good nights sleep will

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Bern and old Alby

sunny 13 °C

Well well well, another day gone and another day of entertainment for this little dolphin. Its freezing here today so i am glad that i brought my fin warmers with me. We headed out early this morning after our first real breakfast. Seeing as we now have cooking facilties, what a treat. I even think theres hamburgers tonight for tea if im lucky and get in there before the humans eat all the food.

Im learning to type quick cause im under the pump from them because they cant afford too much, haha. I slip my own money in though and go surfing all night whilst they are sleeping.

Anyway after getting out early we went to book our next lot of train tickets, only to realise that we didnt need to, it was only in italy that you had to reserve a seat. So the nit was off to the Einstein musuem. It was really quite fascinating. It wasnt just about einstein, but it was about the times and situations he lived through. This included background information on the Jews and everything. Obviously it was based on his experiments and his findings. Matt really enjoyed himself and realised he was quite smart. He was trying to explain the concepts to other people (jess included) but they didnt understand so i had to step in and make sure they knew what he was talking about. Its ok, he will learn one day.

Then it was back to the hostel for lunch and then a trip out to the bear pits. There is good story about why they have them and if you do a bit of googling im sure you will find out. So they have two big brown bears in a an enclosure in the middle of the city, it is really quite fun. You get to through food to them and they are quite entertaining. Its a big enclosure so it isnt too cruel. They dont make them dance. Well maybe i did a little but we arent talking about that.

Theres a big river that runs through the city, and it must be flowing straight from the monutains because the water is so clear. Its quite deep but you can see the bottom easily, really good for fishing, but freezing cold though. Ive made friend with a few of the local dolphins, and they have shown me the good night spots, seeing as the humans are always in bed by 8pm.

Not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow yet, sure it will be something fun tough.

Anyway my money has run out and the bleedin humans have left me alone again, talk about cheek, do they think im made of money.

Peace out!!!!!!!!

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Train day

sunny 14 °C

Once again i must apologise for the late posting of this blog. My dolphin standards are dropping.

Today we bascially sat on a train for the whole day. We checked out of our hotel early in the morning. The hotel in Florence was really very nice, the people were friendly and it was very clean.

Then it was onto the train from Florence to Milan, this trip took about 3 hours, and then from Milan we caught another train to Bern which took a further 4 hours. We got to Bern at about 7pm and checked into our new hostel. This place is much better than any of the others so far. It has kitchen facilities, so it looks like i am going to be cooking for the humans for the next couple of days. I whipped up spag bowl last night as they were both craving it. I dont know why really, im happy with fish every meal.

I have to write quickly here though because they have the cheek to charge you for the internet, not cheap either at 1 dollar an hour. Talk about money earner. This keyboard is a little confusing too because they have changed the z with the y. Lucky im a clever little dolphin.

Well i think thats about it for this blog, except to say that i think switzerland is gunna send the humans broke, it was 12.90 for a maccas meal, thats in aussie dollars. Bring back memories of our pizza?????

I have started earning a bit of money on the side though, trading goods on the black market, customs dont think to check an innocent dolphin. I cant dump em pete cause they are my source of travel with my goods.

Well tomorrow its off to see the bear pits and the einstein museum which Matt is really looking forard to. What a nerd, cant stop thinking about physics when hes on holiday.

Well as they say in switzerland, tschÜs.

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